My artistic practice is rooted in the creation of abstract sculptural forms inspired by objects found in nature. I investigate the borders where contrasting formal languages converge: geometric and sensual, raw and refined, emotional and analytical. I look to the canyons, caves, and cliffs in the rocky landscape of the American West, where I grew up, as source material for much of my work. My current interests include the history of land use, development, and preservation.

I choose to work with clay because of its deep literal and metaphorical connection to land. The dynamic processes of shaping, building, drying, and firing mimic geological mechanisms, while the accumulation and subtraction of material encourages the emergence of unexpected sculptural forms. The natural, intuitive gestures of the hand in soft clay meet the geometric, analytical cuts in the surface. Additional layers of meaning are added through the use of slips and glazes.

My objective is to create dynamic forms that facilitate dialogue between the viewer and the object. I am interested in defining and containing a certain experience of landscape in which the marks, forms, and textures of the clay speak of the maker and of the creation process. Ultimately, I am exploring and illustrating the edges of interaction between humans and their environments.